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Professional Piercers 

Association UK 

Training School

Always wanted to be a body piercer? 


Or looking for a completely new career?

Or maybe an addition to your present business?

Then this is the course for you! 

In just one week I can change your life!

This course is the best you will find to help you become a body piercer, be your own boss, start a new business, make money and be confident and happy.

Unlike other courses you are taught more than piercing! 

I also offer full support afterwards! 

I am not just going to teach you to pierce, I am going to help you start a new business of your own and change your life completely! 

I have been piercing for over 21 years and have been running PPAUK training school for over 16 years. I don't just sell you a course of "how to pierce" I sell you all that experience and ensure you are confident ...you cannot fail the course because it is my job to   train you...I have failed if I cannot do this....you need no experience at all and in just one week I will be change your life forever! 
No classroom environement just a friendly relaxed course! 
Lynn Fearn - PPAUK

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