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Body Piercing (Above Belt)
5 days

The course will cover theory and practical aspects of body piercing. We will cover all main piercings, Belly (Navel), Nipple, lip, Labret, Madonna, Tragus, Tongue, Eyebrow, Septum, Conch, Daith, Earl, Scaffold, Nose, Helix, Ears and any others you require. Genital Piercing is NOT included in this course but training for this is available on an advanced training course. 

You will receive a full set of notes for you to keep and full back up after the course. 

Course Curriculum-

1. Studio Requirements to latest environmental health standards.

2. Studio and Equipment Hygiene, Cross contamination prevention  and Sterilisation.

3. Safe us of Equipment, general safety and work.

4. Body Piercing placements, e.g. names and correct positions.

5. Correct measurements and placements of  jewellery.

6. Suitable types and grades of jewellery, correct sizes for specific piercings. 

7. Suitability of metals for body piercing.

8. Customer care, health records and risk assesment including consents and age limits.

9. Body Piercing aftercare.

10. Minor emergencies and how to deal with them with first aid.

11. Possible problems and the advice to give. e.g. allergies, infections, swelling and rejection.

12. Body Piercing instruction and observation of piercings.

13. Practical Body Piercing experience while at Professional Piercers Studio (under supervision) and a practical test.

14. Theory work in our relaxed training lounge. A full set of notes in a folder to keep for reference.

15. Students will be able to keep notes and record piercings they perform in the course of their wor there on.

16. Use of anaesthetics.

17. Help with prices, advertising, starting up, tax, insurance, council licence, suppliers, waste disposal.

Hours of the course are usually 

Monday 11am to 4pm

Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday

10.30am to 4pm

Friday 10.30am to 1pm.

If you add the dermal course to the body piercing we will discount the course and this will be done Friday afternoon 1pm to 4pm as most of the day course you will already have covered .

Although the course has a lot to cover please do NOT be frightened or think you can not do this...I know of courses that say they are it this but done in a relaxed way so you will still learn!

I have worked with people with learning disabilites, language problems and phobias and all of them managed the course.

My passion is piercing and teaching people to pierce correctly.

I am not driven by money so you will not be "ripped off" for a kit afterwards either! My aim is to help people to start a new career and work for themselves!

Become a body piercer


Want to be a body piercer?
All courses are certificated.
Special offers.
Book the body piercing and Dermal Implant courses together which are completed in 5 days and pay
ONLY  £750 for both courses.
Plus - The Ear and Nose course is included Free of Charge.
Plus you will receive a further discount if you choose to do the Genital course later.
If you have more than one person wishing to attend the course call me I can offer a discount.  
Price Match 

 If you find the same course advertised elsewhere (5 days training including piercing and dermal implants) I will try and match the price - call me! 

Do I have to pay up front?

Upon receipt of a deposit (£100 on piercing course and £50 on Dermal anchor, Genital or Ear/Nose piercing course) you will be placed in the diary as booked on a course. A suitable  date will be agreed between us on booking. 

The balance of the courses is not payable until the morning or arrival. Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Cash or cheque.

Payments by card or Paypal can be made but will incurr charges.

Deposits are non refundable.

However, should for any reason you not be able to attend the course on the date you booked I will allow you to change the date once without losing your deposit.

What is included  course prices?

You will receive a full set of notes in a folder to keep and refer back to. We provide a note pad, and you do not need to bring anything with you!

Lunch is provided free of charge.

If you stay for the week and do not have transport we will take and collect you from the hotel.

Car parking is Free. 

Complete back up after the course and help with obtaining licence.

Dermal Anchor/Implants
1 day

This course is open to anyone, it suits beauticans, tattoists, piercers, hairdressers...anyone.


Lynn has developed a technique to fit these into the skin within minutes so that they have less rejection rate and are not painfull.

The course will cover theory and practical aspects of basic micro dermal implants. 


When done as part of the body piercing course we do not require a full day and is completed within the 5 day course with a discount.

Course curriculum-

1. latest Environmental Health requirements.

2. Equipment hygiene and sterilisation, cross contamination.

3. Safe use of equipement.

4. Correct measurements and safe placements of jewellery.

5. Customer care, health records, age limits,  risk assesment.

6. Micro Dermal aftercare.

7. Minor emegencies and how to deal with them. 

8. Possible problems and advice to give. E.g. allergies, rejections.

9. Microdermal instruction and observation of  dermals.

10. Theory work carried out in our relaxing training room.

11. Notes to keep for referal.

12. Use of anaesthetics.

13. Correct grade jewellery and list of suppliers.

17. Help with prices, advertising, starting up, tax, insurance, council licence, waste disposal.

Hours of course are 11am to 4pm.

Genital Piercing Course.
Male and Female.
1 day.
11am until 4pm.

This course is an advanced piercing course and only available to Body Piercers with a minimum 6 months basic body piercing experience. 

This course is best carried out in your own studio. The cost is £250 for the day PLUS 40p per mile travel costs.

Upon confirming a suitable date you will be sent an email with what you need to ensure you have and times for your models. I will bring with me your set of notes and we will start with a theory part and end with practical training.  You will have full back up afterwards and receive a certificate.

Please call Lynn to discuss this further.

What is not included in the price?

 The cost of accommodaion although I will find somewhere in the area at a great price for you. 

We do not include a kit but we can order this for you while you are here so you will have to start piercing straight away at discounted prices. 

Infection control and bloodbourne pathogens courses which we again have at discounted prices and can be done while you are here - less than £50 - can be done later.

Ear and Nose piercing
 1 day.
11am until 4pm.

Suitable for those not wishing to body pierce but wanting to know how to correctly pierce Ears lobes, top ears and noses.

This is carried out at your salon/studio and would suit beauticians, hairdressers or those not confident with piercings guns. 2/3 people can be trained at same time.

Call Lynn to discuss further. 

Have you already got piercing experience and want to either go back to piercing and feel you need a refresher course or require certificates for your licence? Then take a look at our 2 day refresher course (£300) which can be done at our training school or your own studio. Call Lynn 0773 451 4319 to discuss this option and arrange a date. 

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